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MarshBerry logo. More “We are very excited to partner with Insurance Journal on this technical training program. For new producers this training can be an integral part of their onboarding. It will enable them to hit the ground running and will help to provide the tools they need for success in the insurance industry,” said Nick Kormos, MarshBerry Vice President of Sales Performance. “By taking these courses through MarshBerry, producers receive a substantial savings off the retail price over $500.” Current training curriculum topics include: Beyond Basic Training for New Insurance Professionals: The Next Step in Professional Development (9-Part Series) Understanding Commercial Property Underwriting & “COPE” (2-Part Series) Understanding and Explaining the Mystery of Coinsurance Understanding the Basics of Contractual Risk Transfer Named Insureds: Who Should Be, Who Can Be and Who Shouldn’t Be Understanding the Different Property Insurance Valuations Coverage Triggers: Occurrence vs. Claims Made Liability Coverage Pricing for the program includes all training courses with discounts available for multiple enrollments. MarshBerry Cost: $999/Person Retail Cost: $1,500 Network Member Pricing Per Enrolled Person: 1-2 $849/person, 3-4 $749/person, 5+ $649/person For more information, or to purchase the training, please contact Zack Pittman, Sales Consultant at (440) 220-4100 or via email at About MarshBerry Founded in 1981, MarshBerry’s primary objective is to helpinsurance agents, brokers and carriers as they work to maximize their value through our industry-specific services that include: Merger & Acquisition Advisory**, Management Consulting, Organic Growth Consulting, Intellectual Capital and Peer Exchange Networks. Ranked #1 M&A Advisor bySNL Financialfor each of the past 17 years1, MarshBerry has advised on 5312 transactions since 1999 and completed more than 250 diagnostic and confirmatory due diligence projects over the last twelve years. Visit to learn more. About Insurance Journal Insurance Journal was established in 1923 as a small Southern California publication and since has grownto become the most widely read and well respected insurance trade publications and website in the country. Insurance Journalis one of the most trusted brands in the property/casualty insurance industry. They deliver award-winning editorial content, breaking news, exclusive video interviews andmore – in print, online and on your mobile devices. They provide a variety of tools and resources for industry professionals. Visit to learn more. **Securities offered though MarshBerry Capital, Inc., Member FINRA and SIPC , and an affiliate of Marsh, Berry & Co., Inc. 28601 Chagrin Blvd., Suite 400, Woodmere OH 44122, 440-354-3230 1 Mergers & Acquisition (M&A) Announced Transactions in Insurance Brokerage (1999-2015).

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online training for interview

The International Atomic Energy Agency called the moves “deeply troubling” and “regrettable.” Putting the world on notice of another nuclear test would anger the international community, most of which is already considering further sanctions against the reclusive nation for its activity so far. Lee said neither sanctions from the United Nations nor U.S. pressure would stop North Korea’s building its arsenal. “We have to have nuclear weapons to protect our country, and it’s our policy to go nuclear,” he added. Related: Inside North Korea’s DMZ, the Front Line of Unfinished War Another North Korean official told NBC News that the reclusive nation already has the capability to reach the U.S. mainland with a rocket. helpful hintsHwang Yongnam, who is authorized to speak about the country’s missile program, said the Pentagon is lying when it says the North cannot yet reach the continental United States with a weapon. But it’s not just weapons the country’s interested in, according to Ri Won Hyok, a senior official involved in North Korea’s fledgling space program. Ri said that Pyongyang is also launching rockets to carry satellites into space and that “in the future our goal is not just going to the moon, but to the other planets.” He denied that the country’s rocket program has had help from Russia or Iran, claiming “it’s 100 percent our own.” U.S.

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