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course for job interview

“He bought it to make a go of it as a golf course. The reality of golf courses is that they’re just not financially feasible. He can’t sustain losses,” Wilhite told the committee at its Jan. 12 meeting. It brought guffaws from the nearby residents. “He’s going to make all of us suffer because he’s a bad businessman,” said Jeanne Luczynski of Golf Course Loop. Chief Assistant County Attorney David Goldstein reminded the audience that the committee does not have the authority to mandate that the land remain a golf course since it already is zoned for single-family homes. Wilhite highlighted Carollo’s acquiescence to neighbors’ concerns. linked hereHe chopped 10 homes from the planned development to set aside land for drainage and a park, added 25-foot buffers to the home lots, and eliminated townhomes from the project. Drainage in the area will improve because the course, which predates Southwest Florida Water Management District regulations, does not hold its own stormwater runoff, said engineer Paul Skidmore of Florida Design Consultants. “The golf course has no storage; we are going to stop that,” Skidmore said.

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