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Discounts Vary By State States reward drivers with differing discounts in terms of both rates and the parts of the of policy to which the discount is applied. Florida is among the states in which discounts are the broadest and most generous. Any driver who completes a Basic Driver Improvement course is entitled to up to 10% discount on their total car insurance rates . In at least two other states, New York and Minnesota, the state government mandates at least a 10% discount. In New York, though, coverage applies only to the liability (BI and PD), PIP, and Collision coverage premiums. (However, considering that BI, PIP and Collision coverage are some of the costliest portions of your total policy premium, a 10% reduction on each of them can represent a significant savings.) And in Minnesota, eligibility is limited to drivers who are 55+. Some companies within those states can, and do, offer deeper discounts than the required 10% minimum rate. Pennsylvanias senior drivers (alone) are entitled to a 5% discount. If your state isnt cited above, you should find information on discounts on your states DMV site.

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