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guidance for job interview

guidance for job interview

It’s an awful situation, and while it often ends happily it’s an eternal source of stress for job-seekers. So it’s welcome news that Philadelphia City Council has unanimously approved legislation that would make it illegal for employers to ask applicants about their salary history. The intent of the legislation, sponsored by Councilman Bill Greenlee, is to make sure that applicants are judged on the basis of the skills and talents – not an arbitrary number. It’s also intended to level the playing field for women and minority job-seekers, who are often paid less than other similarly qualified employees. But it’s discouraging to learn that one of Philadelphia’s largest employers, the cable and broadcast giant Comcast, has threatened to sue over the legislation, the first of its kind adopted by a U.S. city, according to Philadelphia Magazine and other news outlets. And it’s equally discouraging to learn that Mayor Jim Kenney is now slow-walking the bill in the face of the corporate giant’s opposition, The Philadelphia Inquirer reports . In a 25-page legal memo, attorneys for Comcast claim that employers’ First Amendment rights would be infringed if the city dictated what questions it could and could not ask of job applicants. The memo also ominously hinted that “could make the city liable for a substantial award of attorney’s fees,” The Inquirer reported. Speaking to reporters after a meeting with Greenlee, Comcast executive David L.

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